Analytical writing comes in many forms. Regarding art, it concentrates on the components of the text as a whole to determine how they work together (successfully or not) to create a certain effect, evoke particular ideas or emotions, etc. This type of writing is also applied to specific characters we meet in life or literature. It may also come in the form of a film, music, book, exhibit, or restaurant review, in response to an article, or as a cultural critique. And, of course, whenever we make an argument we are analyzing the ideas and texts of others to determine their logic and value, which help to inform our own claims. Click here for more on this mode of writing from The Norton Field Guide.

A Review of the Bold Broad City, Season 1 by Cora Noelle Mitchell

Here are a couple of Argument Essays that use analysis to develop their claims:

Gender Inequalities in Contemporary Journalism by Jonathan Birns

Just Eating Is Not Enough by Sarah Casey