New Voices, New Visions 2014 / Table of Contents

The following Table of Contents is organized by authors alphabetically.

The Stigmatization of Schizophrenia in the Media by Anonymous

A Picture Worth 1,000 Words… in my Head by Rachel Benoit

It Is Time to Value Women as Mothers: Why the U. S. Needs Paid Maternity Leave by Juliana Capone

Survivor of Señora Buynalk by Elizabeth Comens

Glorification of Destruction: The Media’s Representation of Eating Disorders by          Caylin Costa

Experience, Strength, and Hope: An Introduction to Stepping it Al-Anon Style by         Lee Degnan

The American Government and its Impact on Education by Michelle Fasano

Generation Y and Social Media by Maxim Kleiman

ADHD America’s Excuse for Poor Performance by Gregory Markman

The Cocktail An American Experience by Owen Nachtigal

Response to ‘Plagiarism Lines Blur in the Digital Age’ by Owen Nachtigal

Textese: An Evolving Language by Elizabeth Nimetz

Gourmet Pizza in New Paltz: Too Good to be True by Geoffrey Ralls