New Voices, New Visions 2017 /

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This collection features essays about a range of topics, from working undercover to the connections we share with beloved family members (human or otherwise), as well as representations of race, gender, sexual orientation in media, reflections on the way music/writing/art can make meaning from trauma, or explore identity, communication, and human connection in an ever-advancing technological world.

Congratulations to our student authors!

Table of Contents

Narrative/Personal Memoirs

Buying Cigarettes Is Such a Drag

             Alyssa Mercado               4

Making Sense of Alzheimer’s

           Carly Craft                          6

My “Brother”

         Jake Smith                            8

Argumentative/Research Essays

Protesting by Taking a Knee: Why Colin Kaepernick and the Athletes

Who Sit with Him Are Justified

      Zachary Reifschneider            11

The Effects of Misrepresenting Women in Video Games

         Jamie Molina                         14

Is Hiding Homosexuality in Film Helping or Hindering Children?

         Jessica Fisher                        18

Remembering Elizabeth Fry: A Film Proposal

       Liliana Vidal-Tapia                   23

Nat Turner: Religious Fanatic, Or Heroic Activist?

      Nagdeska Paulino                     27

Incomprehensible Effects: On the Discovery of Mathematics

       Serra Pelin                               30

Cultural and Textual Analysis Essays

Technological Advancements Dehumanize Us:

The Gospel According to Jennifer Egan

      Elizabeth Lococo                      35

Grieving Out Loud: Facing 9/11 Through Music

      Zachary Alexander                  38