Research Essay / Argument

The research essay, especially for Composition II, is a sustained academic argument that includes a variety of credible, often scholarly sources. Rhetorical appeals, analysis of examples and evidence, alternate perspectives, and even personal anecdotes all work together to develop a persuasive text with well-supported thesis or claim. Click here for more on this mode of writing from The Norton Field Guide.


Gender Inequalities in Contemporary Journalism & Cover Letter by Jonathan Birns

Our Common Core Task Force & Special Education: A Letter to Governor Cuomo by Kyle Sweezy

The following submission is a multi-genre resource collection arguing for the importance of the arts in public school education; this particular collection includes a traditional Research Essay and works cited page, along with an annotated bibliography, creative writing, original artwork, and reflective cover letters. Each entry is persuasive in mode.

Public Schools Need More Fine and Liberal Arts by Alexandra Lakis

Just Eating Is Not Enough by Sarah Casey

The following Research Essay also has a corresponding website that some students created for their final Composition II Open Assignment.

Sarah Kane and the Representation of Mental Illness in Theater by Rose Stoller

Website: Mental Illness in the Theater by Rose Stoller